Some Info About Customers In Casinos


If you are somebody who has ever been to a casino, you know that it happens to be one of the most glamorous destinations you have ever stepped into. Casinos are places that use luxury and opulence, because they are places that attract millionaires all the time. I feel that we should concentrate on a lot of positives of casinos, because there are some negatives as well. People who are a little optimistic will actually see that casinos are places that are doing their best to be of amazing entertainment for the mass population.

There are a couple of kinds of customers that would enter into a casino.


  1. The first kind happens to be the amateur. He is a person who has never entered a casino or, it could be once or twice. They have no idea what they are doing, and they have no idea how to navigate themselves. They are people who are probably looking for a bouncer or even a security guard to ask them where the bathroom is. Anybody who has ever been to a casino always knows that all the bathrooms are located in a significant yet very noticeable location. Casinos do this because there is a very significant reason as to why the bathrooms are placed in such locations. They want customers to be facilitated, and they don’t want the customers to go through any hassle. Usually, all the bathrooms are located near the tables where people are drinking a lot of alcohol. This is usually near the poker tables, the blackjack tables, the slot machines and more. In most cases, the buffet room will usually be a little far away, and in places like the Caesars Palace, the buffet room has its own area. The amateur is the person who usually spends a lot of time trying to navigate through the casino and spends most of his time doing that itself.
  2. The second and one of the most kind of player or customer would be the kind of customer who knows exactly what he’s doing. This is the kind of customer that ends up making a lot of money for the casino and also the kind of customer who sometimes makes a lot of money from the casino. I am talking about a gambler who knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows all of the rules and regulations, he knows how the layout of the casino floor is placed, he knows where everything is, and he also knows the casino staff. This usually means that he is a person who would frequent a casino or even this particular casino that I am talking about. You need to be very careful around these people, because they usually get annoyed by people who have no idea what they are doing in a casino.

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